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Welcome and Karibu

The direct translation of the Kiswahili word Karibu, is welcome. Naturally, as with most languages, much is lost in the translation. When a Tanzanian uses the word Karibu, it implies warmth, hospitality, and genuine happiness at meeting you.

This is the same Karibu that we extend to you.


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We at Asmini Fashions came to Canada from Tanzania Africa.  That is also where the name Asmini better known as Jasmine comes from.  The Jasmine flower is a small and beautifully fragrant flower that we grew up with.  We can still smell the fragrance, especially during wedding times when both groom and bride would be covered in garlands made of Jasmine.

The motivation for starting Asmini Fashions was to create a place for affordable scarves as well as some items from back home.  This is why we also carry Khangas and Kitenge Material.  As we grew the site we have also started to offer some beautiful items from India like our pashminas and mandalas.

It is a pleasure to have you visit our website and we hope you will enjoy your visit.

Welcome Karibu