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The Twist – How to Tie a Scarf

The Twist is a simple yet fun way to tie a scarf.  It looks complicated but once you do it once you’ll be twisting all your scarves :).

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Short

Step 1: Start with a simple loop around your neck.

twist scarf knot step1

Step 2: Take the right end and begin twisting it around the loop until you reach the center.

Twist Scarf Knot Step2

Step 3: Now take the other end and like the other keep twisting until you reach the center.

Twist Scarf Knot Step 3

Step 4:  Once you reach the center.  Arrange the ends so the look neat and adjust as you like.  Nice and easy.

The Twist Scarf Knot

Here is an animation to help you visualize how it’s done.

The Twist Scarf Knot - Step by Step