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Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot — How to Tie a Scarf


The loop and tuck scarf knot is one of the simpler ways to tie a scarf.  With it you can quickly change up your basic scarf knot to something a little more interesting.


Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot - Step by Step

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Short

Step 1: Take your scarf and put it on the front of your neck and let the ends of the scarf rest against your back.  Keeping both ends at the same length.  For a twist you can make one a little shorter.

Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot - Step 1


Step 2: Bring the ends around to the front and drape them down over your chest.

Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot - Step 2


Step 3: Take both ends of your scarf and tuck them into the loop around your neck. Pull the ends down to tighten until snug.  That’s it!  

Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot - Step 3 


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